Business Insurance

Every business comes with its own share of financial risks, losses, and hazards that may harm your business. Since risks are an unavoidable part of a business, you may secure your business against certain risks by buying business insurance. You simply have to pay a premium for a specified tenure to insure your business for a sum of money (sum assured).

Business insurance is a type of insurance that allows the policyholder to secure his/her business against natural calamities, thefts, loss of income, death or injury of employees, damage/loss of equipment, or any form of judicial proceedings. 

Types of business insurance:

  1. Professional liability Insurance
  2. Home-based business insurance
  3. Product liability insurance
  4. Vehicle insurance
  5. Property insurance
  6. Worker’s compensation
  7. Business Interruption Insurance

Who can purchase business insurance?

Business insurances cover all sectors and business types including start-ups.  some of the major buyers of business insurance are as follows:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores and wholesalers
  • Trading companies 
  • Distributors and contractors
  • Production units

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