Saving Bank Account

A savings account is one of the most used banking facilities in India. While it is that is meant to keep your surplus money, it also provides a host of other facilities like debit and credit cards, maintaining the liquidity of funds, providing interest income, offering a locker facility, and park emergency funds. The interest rate on deposits in savings accounts ranges from ranges from 3% to 4%.

How to open a savings bank account?

These accounts can be opened at any bank or post office. You can do it either offline by visiting your nearest bank branch or post office. A savings account offers additional facilities like net banking, sweep-in facility, and both debit and credit card facilities while assuring a high level of capital protection and risk-free returns. After opening the account, a passbook will be issued to you. 

Types of saving bank accounts:

  • Regular or basic savings bank account
  • Salary account
  • Savings account for senior citizens
  • Joint account
  • Zero balance savings account

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