Investment Planning

What is investment planning? 

A good income does not give you financial security. Financial security comes when you invest your money in the right investment options that align with your future goals. 

How you can do investment planning?

Investment planning will ensure you attain your financial goals through the right investment options. By devoting a little time and effort you can speed up your journey and attain your financial goals faster. 

Investment planning means saving a part of your income and investing them in securities as per your risk-bearing ability. Thus, if you are a risk-averse investor your portfolio with consist more of debt instruments or fixed income securities. Here are some financial instruments you might consider:

  • Public provident fund
  • 5-year Bank Fixed Deposits
  • National Savings Certificate
  • Post office monthly income scheme. 

Similarly, if you like to take risks, then your portfolio will contain more equity-related products and fewer debt securities. Thus, you can aggressively grow your funds and achieve your goals faster. 

Why we must plan our investments?

Emergency funds: Instead of spending all your money, you can set aside a sum every month for an emergency. Thus, you no longer have to borrow money or be stressed during emergencies. 

Meet financial goals: You can meet your life plan if you plan your finances and channelize your savings in the right direction. 

Increase your wealth: Planning your investments not only benefits you in the short run, it benefits you in the long-run as well. Aligning your investments along with your future goals will help you make a good corpus as well as save taxes and achieve your financial goals with ease. 

Tax benefits: You can invest in tax saving schemes like ELSS, NPS and PPF to compound your money as well as save taxes by planning your investments.

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